Pilot Go iOS/Andriod Version History

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Pilot Go iOS/Andriod Version History

Post by Support Team » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:11 pm

1. Supports Control Pilot Era to record Google Street View PhotoSequence.
2. Optimize the details of the network connection.

1. Supports Control of HDR and Stability of Pilot camera.
2. Adds the function, with which you can control the Professional photo mode of Pilot Era.
3. Increases the speed of connection control.

1. Supports Display the percentage of Pilot Era’s battery.
2. Adds the prompt of update.
3. Optimizes the experience of connecting with the camera.
4. The resolution of the photo can be shown in the Gallery.
5. Optimizes the experience of downloading photos.
6. Fixes the blur at the bottom of the photo issues.

1. Support version compatibility that Pilot Go can connect to Pilot Era with PilotOS 3.2.0 or later edition.
2. Increases the speed of image loading.
3. Support online playback of videos in the Pilot Era.
4. Fix some bugs and improve stability.

1.The unstitched recording mode and real-time stitched recording mode is divided into two different UI entries.
2. Fix some bugs and improve stability.

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