Pilot OS Version History

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Pilot OS Version History

Post by Support Team » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:07 pm

1. PhotoSequence status can be viewed in the gallery.
2. Supports Remove PhotoSequence from Google Street View servers in the Gallery.
3. The mobile phone can be used to control the camera for recording Google Street View PhotoSequence.
4. Fixes occasional touch screen click failure issues.
5. Supports multiple 4G module operators.
6. Fixes the problem that the shutter sound is recorded into the video.
7. Fixes bugs causing abnormal display of prompt light.

1. Supports Record Google Street View PhotoSequence.
2. Supports Upload PhotoSequence videos to Google Street View system in the Gallery.
3. Adds Reset and Manual in Settings.
4. The percentage of battery power is shown on the top panel.
5. Optimizes the process and experience of uploading photos to the Google Street View system.
6. Turns up the volume of the photo shutter.
7. Increases the download speed of system update.
8. Eliminates image distortion caused by stitching.

1. Supports the conversion between optical-flow stitching algorithm and real-time stitching algorithm in the Gallery.
2. Adds a new system update mode, the update package is smaller and installation speed is faster .
3. Optimizes the experience of Mobile Control.

1. Adds optical-flow stitching mode. When the camera is set in the optical flow stitching mode, the photos in the Gallery will be re-stitched automatically using the optical-flow algorithm.
2. Fixes some display problems.
3. Fixes screen timeout setting issues.
4. After system time reset, adds prompt for setting time.
5. Fix some bugs and improve stability.

1. Adds real-time stitching mode.
2. Separates the unstitched videos recording modes and real-time stitching videos recording modes on UI.
3. Optimizes the searching progress of photos and videos.
4. Improves the preview resolution when recording 7K unstitched videos.
5. Fix some bugs and improve stability.

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